About the Artist

My work is strongly rooted in the natural world.  I’m always searching for the images that reflect the soul of the places of my memory.  Sometimes this leads me in a more realistic direction, sometimes the work is more abstract; sometimes I paint furiously, others painstakingly.  I’m a passionate fly angler, distance hiker, and outdoor enthusiast and those passions provide a rich visual vocabulary from which I draw for much of my work.  

Over the years, my work has coalesced into a few main themes; landscapes, fish related art, and gold leaf.  In my landscape work, I try to capture the mood of a place through a somewhat impressionistic approach.  I paint plein aire, but much of my work in the studio draws from sketches, my own photography from my travels, and improvisation.   My fish and fishing related art has several branches of style.  I have developed a large body of work where I paint fish in a more classical “portrait” style.  These are my way of capturing the jewel like beauty of these incredible animals.  I also explore the colors of the fish that I catch with more abstract works. These works range from close up detailed studies of scale patterns to wildly expressionistic pattern explorations. After living in Eastern Europe for a short time, I became fascinated with the use of gold leaf and have incorporated it into many of my works.  

Most of my techniques are self-taught, however I did study art at Concordia College in Moorhead, MN and earned my Masters of Art Education from the University of Minnesota.

For questions or to discuss a commissioned work, email is best: tedchansen@gmail.com

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