About the Artist

My work is strongly rooted in the natural world.  I’m always searching for the images that reflect the soul of the places of my memory.  Sometimes this leads me in a more realistic direction, sometimes the work is more abstract; sometimes I paint furiously, others painstakingly. I haven’t yet found my “niche” or aesthetic.  Maybe I don’t want to.

I’m a Montana native living in the great state of Minnesota. I work as an art teacher with Minneapolis Public Schools and love having the opportunity to share my love of art with my students. I also work as a writer and performer with a local theater company, Mad Munchkin Productions. As a fine artist, I work primarily in oil, although I enjoy working in all mediums.

Most of my techniques are self-taught, however I did study art at Concordia College in Moorhead, MN and earned my Masters of Art Education from the University of Minnesota.

For questions or to discuss a commissioned work, email is best: tedchansen@gmail.com

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