Lots of fish!

I have been in the studio quite a bit this winter and spring.  Most of my time has been painting fish for the Greatwaters Flyfishing Expo that took place in March.  This year I took the plunge and payed for a booth.  This event was put on by Trout Unlimited this year and it was a great opportunity to get my work out there and have it be seen by people who really appreciate trout.  In order to get ready for the event, however, I had to pretty much redo my entire inventory of fish art.  Last summer and fall I had the exhibition in Dillon, MT,  and sold most of my fish related art.  In the last six months, I've completed over 20 new works. 

As I continue to paint more and more fish, my technique is getting more advanced and I'm able to complete higher quality work in a shorter amount of time.  I think the challenge as an artist is to keep pushing myself.  Sometimes this means working on technique.  I want my next growth to be about pushing myself to better capture the soul of my visual experiences.  I think there is a playfulness...or perhaps a wandering...that might be lost when I get too focused on making it look "right".  Don't be surprised to see some looser, more meandering work in the coming months.